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Meet your Student Experience Officer

27 October 2023
Sidonie is the Student Experience Officer for EKC Folkestone College, and she is here to support you and your needs.

Student Experience Officers are here to make your College experience one to remember. Sidonie is the Student Experience Officer for EKC Folkestone College, and she is here to support you and your needs.

In her role, she also oversees the Students’ Union and plans enrichment, events and trips throughout the year. Get to know her and see what she is planning for the year below.

What does a Student Experience Officer do? 

A Student Experience Officer is there to make the students have the best experience they can while they study at College. This is done through events, trips and enrichment opportunities that I set up with the help of the Students’ Union. I oversee the Students’ Union and its members to make sure that student feedback is acknowledged and incorporated so that experiences become more tailored to what students want. 

What can we expect for the 23/24 academic year?

The first event that we have coming up is of course our Freshers Fayre, but I’m looking ahead and planning more such as a trip to Thorpe Park, which will be very exciting. Over the year I’m really keen to make sure that there are loads of events both internally and externally that enrich the student experience, and I’d love to do lots of events which are great for wellbeing. I’m also looking into FIFA tournaments and film nights and want to do as much as I can possibly do!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My background is in dance and dance events, I’ve been a dance teacher for a long time so you may see me dancing around campus! I’ve always been really interested in events and events management as part of that experience so this role is perfect. II’m a very keen campervaner and like to go travelling a lot and like to go sea swimming as well.

What advice do you have for students?

Make the most of your student experience, when I was a student I always found that the best thing to do was take part in everything that is going on. That was where I found the most amazing friends and really found my place at College and University, so really get stuck in!

Where can students find you during College?

You can find me over in the reception area with the rest of Student Services, or you can find me in the Student Centre as well.