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The Salon

Treat yourself to affordable hair and beauty treatments at The Salon at EKC Folkestone College.

What is The Salon?

The Salon is the high-street-quality commercial salon at EKC Folkestone College, offering a range of hair and beauty treatments under the supervision of industry experts.

We have a specialist Beauty Salon and Hair Salon located on campus, with each Salon offering treatments in their respective areas.

The Salon is the perfect place to unwind and get that little bit of time just for yourself – without breaking the bank.

Staff showing students what to do in Salon

When are appointments available?

Appointments are available throughout term time. Visitors should report to the College’s reception, where they will be directed to the Salon.

We have a large drop-off/pick-up area. Parking is at the front of the College.

Book your appointment by calling our Salon team on 01303 858408.

Contact Us

Call 01303 858408 to book an appointment or to speak to one of our team about treatments.

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