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Sports Day comes to EKC Folkestone College 

26 June 2024
Sport and Exercise Science students recently welcomed 22 children from EKC Folkestone Nursery on site to participate in their very own Sports Day.

Sport and Exercise Science students recently welcomed 22 children from EKC Folkestone Nursery on site to participate in their very own Sports Day.  

The event saw the children split into four teams before they competed against each other to win points in a variety of challenges. All of which had been chosen, planned and set up by the Sports students who were keen to put the children’s hand-eye co-ordination, muscle power and accuracy skills to the test.  

With the first half of the morning including a ‘round robin’ of tasks including javelin, long jump, throwing and the infamous egg and spoon race, and the second half of the event dedicated to longer obstacle courses, there was something for every child to enjoy. Not to mention the special guests who came to say hello during the snack break. 

With the encouragement of the older students and their parents cheering from the sidelines, the children rose to the occasion, tackling each race with gusto and enthusiasm. Whilst every team achieved an impressive number of points, the lucky Sharks came out on top, taking home the trophy. 

Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science student, Cairo Ellis, said: “The kids are all enjoying it. One lad has already told me he loves Sports Day! One thing that’s really surprised us is the natural talent of some of the kids, a few of them have thrown their [foam] javelin pole much further than we expected or had planned for. Today I’ve learnt not to underestimate a four-year-old!” 

Deputy Principal, Rob Roy, attended the event to present the final results, commenting: “It’s a pleasure to be able to see both EKC Folkestone College and EKC Folkestone Nursery collaborating on such a fantastic event. It has been a real success with a range of spectators coming to cheer and support all involved.   

“Well done to our Sports and Exercise Science students and the team for organising the morning, it is incredible to see so much friendly competition and passion from children of such a young age.” 

The event was a great success with all students, old and young, leaving with huge smiles on their faces.  Head of Service Industries, Ann-Marie Jones, was on-hand to watch the morning play out and the races go down a treat. She said: “It was such a wonderful sight, seeing the children coming together. It brought a tear to my eye seeing them overcome any anxieties to interact with our students, join in the activities and openly laugh and having fun. 

“Our students excelled in the guidance, support and cheering they gave to every one of the nursery children which really made the day.  

“Thank you to the sports and exercise class of 2024, we hope to continue with similar, successful activities moving forward.” 

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