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Level 3 Extended Diploma in Multimedia Production

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Course overview

Start off an exciting future in Media and study a wide range of specialisms with us. Be provided with the key knowledge, skills and understanding that are vital for this industry.

Course information

In your first year, you will explore photography, video and audio production before specialising for your career pathway towards your final first year project, and for the remainder of your second year.

You will learn the fundamentals of how to be a creative visual artist, photographer, film maker, a content creator, designer, influencer and develop skills in managing a range of social media platforms – think Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and your own website.

Using photography, video production, and audio, you will be able to create your own multi-platform content about what you are interested in, whether it be fashion, music, movie genre, documentary, products or advertising. You will also learn to shoot and edit video, work with client-led briefs and develop advertising campaigns.

You will explore three different stages:

  • 1 Pre-Production: This phase involves planning and preparation before the actual production begins. It includes tasks such as brainstorming ideas, defining objectives, creating a script or storyboard, gathering resources, and organizing the production schedule.
  • 2 Production: This is the phase where the actual content is created and recorded. It may involve capturing video footage, recording audio, shooting photographs, designing graphics, or creating interactive elements. This stage often requires using professional equipment and software tools.
  • 3 Post-Production: After capturing the raw media, the post-production stage focuses on editing, refining, and enhancing the content. It typically involves tasks such as video editing, audio mixing and mastering, colour correction, adding visual effects, incorporating graphics, to creating printed material.Post-Production also includes adding transitions, titles, and captions, as well as optimising the content for different platforms and devices.

You will be able to study in our professional workspaces and multimedia studio, where you will be taught by established, experienced industry professionals with state-of-the-art equipment. You?ll also have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers who?ve worked in the industry.

There is a strong focus on developing academic and practical skills to enable you to become a media professional in a very competitive and exciting industry. Our students often work and develop professional skills with our external partners who are local and national businesses, charities, and groups.